Working from home has many positives attached to it: you can save on fuel and time and work from the comfort of your own home. But positives always come with a certain set of challenges that require a unique set of tools to tackle them.

Luckily, the latest technological developments have been targeted towards solving all of these challenges, from video calling software to cloud storage, there’s an app for everything!

Read on to find out the top 4 tools that everyone needs for a smooth work from home experience:

Team Chat Apps

If your team is working remotely, it is important to have a streamlined way of reaching out to each other via messages, because to be honest, you can’t be getting on a call whenever you have a question.

Here are the top 3 team chat apps:

Slack for a chat-powered workplace

Microsoft Teams for large organizations with multiple teams

Google Chat for existing G Suite users

Screen Sharing Software

During important team discussions and brainstorming sessions, it is sometimes easier to show rather than tell. Screen sharing software enables the user to show others their desktop and the files and apps they have open, taking team calls to a whole other level of efficiency.

Here are the 3 best screen sharing apps:

Screenleap for quick screen sharing

TeamViewer for enterprise tech support

Zoom for interactive presentations

Video Conferencing Apps

Even though team chat apps are convenient, it is good to get some facetime with the people you work with. Video conferencing apps and software can make you feel like you are all in the same room and go a long way in creating a more effective work environment.

The 3 best video conferencing apps:

Zoom for reliable, large video calls

Google Meet for Google Workspace users

GoToMeeting for professional-client calls and presentations

Cloud Storage

Sharing files from remote locations can become very tedious over time. Cloud storage apps solve that problem by letting you add files to shared folders that can be accessed by the entire team, no matter where they are working from.

The 3 best free file syncing and cloud storage apps:

Google Drive – it offers unlimited storage for all types of files, including photos, videos, and Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Sync for unlimited file sizes and advanced security features

OneDrive for Windows and Microsoft Office users