Choosing software the right software for your business and its needs can be overwhelming, but don’t worry, we’re here to help you. This article breaks down 4 easy-to-follow steps you need to take to find the right software from a sea of options.

Step 1: Pinpoint the Problem You Need to Solve

The first and most important step of your software-buying process is figuring out what problems your business is facing that need to be fixed.

Identifying these problems will help you narrow down the type of software you need.

Sit down with your team and evaluate the software you are currently using to see what other features you need to bring on board.

Step 2: Make a List of Features You Need

You are likely to find dozens of software that are designed to solve the problems you pinpointed in the previous step. But out of all these software, you need to find one that offers features to match your business’ specific needs. Ask yourself these questions:

How will you use this software?

What kind of features are you looking for?

How many people will use it?

Will you try to integrate it with other software?

How much are you willing to spend?

Step 3: Identify Options and Make Your Shortlist

The next step in your search for the perfect software involves creating a comprehensive and exhaustive list of all the solutions that meet your needs. Create a comprehensive and realistic software list (that shouldn’t have more than 5-7 options on it) of software available in the market.

The second step is to narrow down that list further. Strikeout options that don’t meet your feature requirements & budget, don’t have great reviews, and don’t offer the scalability a growing business needs.

This should help reduce your initial long list down to a few options.

Step 4: Select Your Top Choice

Now that you’ve narrowed it down to the final (or final two) options, it is time to make your pick.

Read user reviews – this will help get unbiased opinions from average users and businesses like yours

Reach out to the vendor – schedule a demo to get a first-hand experience of what all you can achieve with the software

Finalize the price you are willing to pay

Ask the vendor if they offer any bundle options with other software