Picking a car is difficult, especially with so many models and designs being introduced in the market all the time! This process is so confusing that the majority of the people just end up picking a new version of the same car, falling for advertisements, or taking recommendations from their friends, without taking a look at their new needs.

But lucky for you, there is a much better way to pick the right car. Here are a few easy steps to help you:

Determine Your Needs

Every person comes with a set of wants and needs in life. If you prioritize your wants over your needs while buying a new car, you could end up buying “too much car” that you don’t really need.

This is the part where you need to ask yourself honestly, how often do you REALLY go on road trips or off-roading or carry lumber? How many passengers will you have in the car every time?

Ask yourself these questions and write down the answers on a piece of paper to help determine the right fit for you.

If you have a big family, pets, or a large group of friends, you need to prioritize space.

If you are single but love to go on long road trips or off-roading on the weekends, you need to look for a vehicle that offers four-wheel drive.

Are you going to be using your car primarily for your daily commute? Then look for a vehicle that offers a smooth driving experience and great fuel efficiency.

Set Your Budget

If you plan on taking out an auto loan to finance your car purchase, it is a good idea to create a budget so you don’t overshoot it. Create a list of the expenses involved in owning a car like Insurance, payments, fuel costs, repairs, registration. These expenses should add up to be 20% or less of your monthly salary.

Use a Car Finder Tool

Make the most of the internet and filter out cars using the list of needs and budget you established. Create a list of 5 cars that you like and dive into research mode, read reviews by experts, owners, and more. Look at the specs it offers and see if they are in line with what you need.

Test Drive

Set up a test drive for three target cars on the same day so you can easily compare your driving experience with each of them.