Over the past decade, SUVs have seen a boom in popularity among drivers, so much so that automakers have shifted gears and started producing more SUVs than sedans! With an influx of new SUVs like the Kia Telluride and the Hyundai Palisade, sedan manufacturers like Honda are facing tough competition. But if that is the case and SUVs really are more popular than sedans, what are the reasons?

Divers Feel that SUVs Offer Better Safety Features than Sedans

Let’s face it, an SUV’s bulkier build and taller and heavier designs make the drivers feel safe than they do while in a sleek sedan.

Besides that, the added height of an SUV gives the driver a better view of the road and what lies ahead, making driving in traffic and navigating around obstacles that much easier. Plus, the majority of the SUVs come with state of the art driver-assist features and navigation systems, and airbags that are the cherry on top.

SUVs Offer Greater Space for Cargo

It’s obvious, the bigger the car, the more space you are going to get for cargo. It is safe to say that compared to the roomiest sedans out there, even a compact or midsize SUV will offer more cargo space and flexibility.

SUVs Tend to Be More Capable than Sedans

Besides being safer and offering more cargo volume, crossovers and SUVs tend to be more capable than most sedans that are currently in the market. If you look at the Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander or any other popular three-row SUV, you can just tell that it will comfortably get you to your favorite vacation spot, be it in the middle of rain or snow, much more easily than a Toyota Camry would.

Even newcomer compact crossovers like the Hyundai Kona and Nissan Kicks (despite being smaller than normal SUVs) offer the same capability, high-tech features as expensive sedans like the Honda Civic and Toyota.

In Summation, SUVs Offer a Better Value Proposition

Ultimately, it all comes down to a value proposition, or to put it simply, what you get for the amount of money you spend. Why buy a Honda Accord when you can spend around the same amount of money and get a Honda Passport that offers more legroom and space, along with greater tow-ability?