Debt can turn out to be a very valuable tool if used wisely, but it is very easy for it to spiral out of control. Be it mounting credit card debt, or the inability to pay back loans on time, a few missteps can take over your life.

If you are someone who is struggling with debt, you may want to consider reaching out to debt relief companies and find a path that helps you out of the woods by paying less than what you owe. This is known as “debt settlement.”

To help you find the top debt relief companies in the country, we compared the best of the best in terms of their transparent debt relief process, positive results, and affordable costs.

If you’re on the hunt for the right fit, read on:

National Debt Relief

The National Debt Relief was founded in 2009, offers one of the top-rated reliable debt settlement programs. The firm’s incredibly transparent process shows results where customers settled their debt by paying as little as 36% of the amount originally owed.

Similar to other debt settlement programs, National Debt Relief makes you set aside a certain amount of money each month that is later used to settle what you owe, for lesser by negotiating with your creditors on your behalf.

These programs usually last from 24 to 48 months and also come with a money-back guarantee for those who aren’t satisfied with the results.

Accredited Debt Relief

Accredited Debt Relief has been in the industry since 2011, working towards providing families with debt relief. This company boasts of customers settling debts by as little as 30% of their actual amount owed.

Your process starts with a free consultation, once you are deemed fit for debt settlement, Accredited Debt Relief makes you stop using credit cards and start saving money in a separate account.

Following the initial steps, the organization begins negotiating with your lenders and finds a way for you to settle for less than what is owed. Accredited Debt Relief also lets you cancel whenever you want, without charging a penalty.

DMB Financial

Founded in 2003, DMB Financial is a proud member of the American Fair Credit Council.

Promising results and debt settlement by paying 30% or less, DMB Financial assures a debt-free life within 36 to 48 months.

While DMB Financial focuses more on unsecured debts, it claims to help customers who have a high-interest credit card debt as well.